Good morning Writing about last night’s game was…

Good morning. Writing about last night’s game was very therapeutic. I feel a lot better about it this morning (I felt better after writing about it). I’m deciding on if I really want to go to the Lincoln Stars game or if I just want to marathon drive home. I want to be back in Denver, but I want to see tonight’s game, and not end my trip on the down note of last night’s game.

The truth is, I should have moved myself last night. I bought my ticket for my seat, and I was stubborn and wanted to see and enjoy the game from my seat. There weren’t a lot of places to move to, and I didn’t want to be the guy who takes other people’s seats and has to keep moving and make people ask him to move. I hate seeing that, and I really don’t want to be that guy. But as you read in last night’s post (, there wasn’t anywhere to go. Every section had their cowbells. There was no guarantee there would be any different experience anywhere else. Which is pretty much justification for not doing enough to make my experience better.

So what now? After staying the night in the worst Motel 6 yet, I’m ready to sleep in my own bed. I’m going to drive to Waterloo, IA to take pictures of the arena there, and decide on the way to Lincoln what to do. I’m leaning towards the game, but it’s a 53-47 lean right now. If I could go to the game and then head home, I would choose that option. But it’s going to be one or the other.