Boogaard Scores, Ref Snoores

It seems inexplicable (if I’m using that word right), but I just happened to be in the house for Aaron Boogaard’s first goal of the season. Yes, his first. Before now, he was 0-3 for 3 points, and an unsurprising team leading 64 PIM in 25 games. I’d like to think I’m his good luck charm, but that’s a really creepy thought.

The ref tonight called an early penalty (holding) and promptly put away the whistle. He let a boarding call he was looking right at go uncalled, and a few chippy minor penalties as well. The other ones wouldn’t be a big deal had he called the boarding. The linesmen seem to be getting caught down low a lot.

Great sliding 2 on 1 stop by the Mallards goalie. Even if he should be fired for letting in a Boogaard goal.

See you after the second.